Why healthier work environments matter

A successful company cares as much about the wellbeing of its employees as the health of its bottom line. Google’s status as innovative tech giant is often linked to its unconventional work environment and the role this plays in its sustained success.

Future-forward companies are approaching work and office spaces in new, more flexible ways than used to apply to traditional office setups of the past. The emphasis is shifting towards healthier work environments that promote and inspire creativity and collaboration, and reduce stress. This leads to drops in absenteeism, fewer sick days and lower burnout rates, delivering substantial savings in healthcare costs. Workers are more engaged, happy and loyal – they are more productive, they stay with companies for longer, and their quality of life is better in both the professional and personal spheres of their lives.

The commercial office space at the Amdec Group’s new development, The Yacht Club, presents the perfect opportunity to put in place the optimal office environment. Commercial tenants get a brand-new building with all it has to offer, including the latest, connectivity; they can rent only what they need – no matter how spacious or compact; and their employees will enjoy a number of value-adds that contribute to improved quality of life.

The Yacht Club is located on the banks of the Roggebaai Canal, with a water-taxi service that links directly to the V&A Waterfront. It also offers direct pedestrian access to the Waterfront. There’s a gym on-site that is free of charge for office tenants, and plenty of safe and secure underground parking. This alleviates a lot of the stress and fatigue that comes with having to find parking in out-of-the-way and unsafe areas, or jostle for place in an increasingly congested CBD. The entire development is protected by state-of-the-art security systems to keep people and possessions safe 24/7.

Employees can enjoy their breaks in the open air, along the banks of the canal, or make the short walk to the award-winning Silo District, where they can enjoy sweeping mountain views from many of the public areas where people come to pause and reflect.

Or, in the opposite direction from The Yacht Club, the restaurants and coffee shops of downtown Cape Town, where there is always something new to taste or try.

Chronic stress is a common health issue in the modern workplace and it leads to conditions like anxiety and depression, hypertension, indigestion, chronic aches and pains, heart problems, diabetes and more.

Work-life balance is about more than shorter or more flexible hours. It requires small, incremental, daily steps towards healthier living that become sustained and effortless over time. Employers can make a huge contribution to the well-being of their employees by choosing carefully when deciding on where to locate, or relocate, work and office spaces.

An office at The Yacht Club is good for people and good for business.

For more information, or to arrange a viewing, please contact:

Ilze Müssmann | 021 702 3200 | ilzem@amdec.co.za