Developing Cape Town’s foreshore

The Amdec Group’s latest development has contributed to the pace of change in the thriving Foreshore area of Cape Town. Valued at R1.2 billion, The Yacht Club is a transformational project that has focused attention on a rapidly changing part of the city adjoining the harbour. The venture took a vacant, disused plot of land owned by Edge Properties and turned it into a world-class mixed-use development.

The Amdec Group’s vision is to build communities through property. We are passionate about enhancing the quality of life of all who spend time in our developments, and our bold ambition is to change the face of city life. The Yacht Club has raised the profile of residential property in the City Bowl, and leveraged the city’s status as a world-class investment destination and a highly sought-after place to visit and live.

With its stepped façade and asymmetrical division between component buildings, The Yacht Club points the way to the residential developments of tomorrow and is unlike any of its contemporaries springing up in the Cape Town CBD. Centrally located, well-resourced and superbly managed, it epitomises the future-forward approach to city planning that prioritises efficient land use. It successfully blends form and function in the context of greater density, and maximises the mixed-use property model that the Amdec Group does so well. It benefits all who live, work and relax there, and creates happy, thriving communities of people who enjoy great quality of life.